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Forced Order
Who wanted to be leader?
Tallest member?
Which group with they have song called S.E.O.U.L Song?
Which sub group is Super Juniors first?
'Beijing Fried Rice'
Who is the 'Snow White'?
Name 'Heebum' is mix of two names, what are the names?
Number of tours?
What is the name of Heechuls cat?
How many members Super Junior originally have?
Super Junior debut date?
Who was worried because SM have so many flower boys?
Who is the 'Peter Pan'?
Who knows how to play violin?
Chef in Super Junior?
Name of the second album?
What is the meaning of Donghaes name?
Which memberĀ“s name means 'good voice'
Who once said he want to be Kyuhyun because of his good voice?
Who is the 'dad'?
Who is the gamer?
Who is the dirtiest member?
Who is the 'true' Christian?

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