Père Lachaise Cemetary

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Can you name the notable people interred in Père Lachaise Cemetary in Paris?

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For What Are They Known?Notable PersonExtra Info
French cyclist, 1950 - 2010Won the Tour de France in 1983 and 1984
Guatemalan poet, 1899 - 1974Won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1967
French playwright, 1732 - 1799Provided the lyrics for an opera (Tarare) with Salieri
French canal builder, 1805 - 1894Built the Suez Canal
German physician, 1755 - 1843Creator of homeopathy
French glass designer, 1860 - 1945Famous for his Art Deco glassware
French actor, 1921 - 1991Italian-born, moved to France when he was two.
French actress, 1921 -1985First French person to win an Academy Award.
King of Naples, 1767 - 1815Brother-in-law of Napoleon Bonaparte
German-born film director, 1902 - 1957His first film had the English title 'I'd Rather Have Cod Liver Oil'
Italian painter and sculptor, 1884 - 1920Best known for his portraits and nudes
French composer, 1838 - 1975Composer of 'Carmen'
Tragic French lovers, 11th and 12th centuriesThey appear in numerous songs and novels. Some debate over whether or not their remains are buried here.
Russian aristocrat, 1779 - 1818Daughter of a baron and wife of a count
French jazz violinist, 1908 - 1997Started his musical career busking in the streets of Paris.

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