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InjuriesEpisode Title
Wash is grazed by a bullet, a friend of Mal and Zoe is dead (twice)
Simon and River dead (for a little while), Jayne bitten and knocked out
Crew gets through the episode uninjured, and Simon delivers a baby
Wash knocked out, Mal and Inara drugged
Jayne shot, Mal punched, Mal stabbed, Jayne drugged
Jayne attacked from behind, everyone gets arrested
Kaylee shot, Zoe shot, Simon punched in the face (twice)
InjuriesEpisode Title
Mal punched, Jayne electrocuted
Book shot, River and Simon kidnapped
Mal stabbed with a sword multiple times
Simon stabbed, Jayne deeply upset
Simon shot, Mal knocked out, Book knocked out, Inara slapped
Mal shot, Zoe nearly blown up, Serenity dies (for a little while)
Mal and Wash tortured, Mal's ear cut off, Mal dies (for a little while)

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