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InjuriesEpisode Title
Book shot, River and Simon kidnapped
Wash is grazed by a bullet, a friend of Mal and Zoe is dead (twice)
Wash knocked out, Mal and Inara drugged
Mal and Wash tortured, Mal's ear cut off, Mal dies (for a little while)
Jayne shot, Mal punched, Mal stabbed, Jayne drugged
Mal punched, Jayne electrocuted
Simon and River dead (for a little while), Jayne bitten and knocked out
InjuriesEpisode Title
Mal shot, Zoe nearly blown up, Serenity dies (for a little while)
Kaylee shot, Zoe shot, Simon punched in the face (twice)
Simon stabbed, Jayne deeply upset
Mal stabbed with a sword multiple times
Simon shot, Mal knocked out, Book knocked out, Inara slapped
Jayne attacked from behind, everyone gets arrested
Crew gets through the episode uninjured, and Simon delivers a baby

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