Harry Potter's Sticky Situation

Random Literature or Harry Potter Quiz

Can you name the solution to each situation in order to save Harry from the Death Eaters?

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SituationSolutionOption A and B
 (A) Waddiwasi (B) Aguamenti
 (A) Flourish & Blotts (B) Magical Menagerie
 (A) Give him your wand and take the gold (B) Don't give him your wand and move on
 (A) Griffin (B) Manticore
 (A) Belladonna (B) Gillyweed
 (A) Hand of Glory (B) Wildfire Whiz-Bangs
 (A) Shield Charm (B) Patronus Charm
 (A) Moaning Myrtle (B) Peeves
 (A) By broom (B) By the hippogriff grazing nearby
 (A) Sectumsempra (B) Diffindo

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