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Can you name the characters from Harry Potter from the clues given?

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Has a house that is shaped like a rook
Fan of Celestina Warbeck
Has a wand fit for a rose
NOT a scarlet woman
Has a strong punch
Has a laugh like a bark
Wears a lot of tartan
Doesn't have a godmother
Intelligent, like his owner
Incredibly bright, yet incredibly stupid when it comes to women
Likes jellyfish
Likes to keep an eye on Mars
Snogs trousers
Chocolate, anyone?
Tends to take long showers when he's depressed
Doesn't want a haircut
More like his brother than either realized
Enjoys shooting stars
Sure loves his crystallized pineapple
Thinks highly of the Giant Squid
Only admirable politician at the Ministry of Magic
Wears a plumed hat
His hair is full of mashed potatoes
Likes escapators
'A History of Magic' can be useful, after all
Enjoys chamber music
Has a monocle
Oh Merlin, that's a lot of flamingoes!
Has a hurt knee
Contrary to popular belief, he is not a vampire
Seems to be attracted to gingers
Doesn't enjoy grapefruit all that much
Looks too cool to work where he does
Humble, unlike his father
Fears severed hands
Would like to actually dance at a dance, as shocking as that is
Speaks Troll by pointing and grunting
Treasures Droobles Best Blowing Gum wrappers
His dad's a milkman
NOT a great ugly brute
Still has his left buttock
Likes socks
Saves her family through deceit and betrayal
A lot can fit into his pockets
Named after King Arthur's wife
Won't leave the poor umbrella stand alone
Has a nice wand for charm work

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