Harry Potter Characters: Difficult Clues

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Can you name the characters from Harry Potter from the clues given?

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Has a monocle
Doesn't enjoy grapefruit all that much
Treasures Droobles Best Blowing Gum wrappers
His dad's a milkman
Likes escapators
Named after King Arthur's wife
Has a wand fit for a rose
NOT a scarlet woman
Seems to be attracted to gingers
A lot can fit into his pockets
Snogs trousers
Looks too cool to work where he does
Would like to actually dance at a dance, as shocking as that is
Saves her family through deceit and betrayal
Has a laugh like a bark
Tends to take long showers when he's depressed
Humble, unlike his father
Has a house that is shaped like a rook
Enjoys chamber music
NOT a great ugly brute
Doesn't want a haircut
Incredibly bright, yet incredibly stupid when it comes to women
Speaks Troll by pointing and grunting
Still has his left buttock
Has a nice wand for charm work
Sure loves his crystallized pineapple
More like his brother than either realized
Likes socks
Likes to keep an eye on Mars
Has a hurt knee
'A History of Magic' can be useful, after all
Won't leave the poor umbrella stand alone
Fan of Celestina Warbeck
Wears a lot of tartan
Likes jellyfish
Oh Merlin, that's a lot of flamingoes!
Chocolate, anyone?
Fears severed hands
Wears a plumed hat
Intelligent, like his owner
Contrary to popular belief, he is not a vampire
Only admirable politician at the Ministry of Magic
His hair is full of mashed potatoes
Enjoys shooting stars
Has a strong punch
Doesn't have a godmother
Thinks highly of the Giant Squid

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