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A - First name of Nazi dictator
B - German emperor who drowned during a Crusade
C - Hereditary name of Roman emperors
D - French philosopher, founder of rationalism
E - 18th century philosophical movement
F - Social system which dominated medieval Europe
G - This pope reformed the calender to synchronize it with Earths orbit around the sun
H - Powerful dynasty from the 15th until the 18th century
I - Term for the boundary between captalist and communist Europe
J - East-Roman emperor who tried to recover the Roman Empire
K - Site of the biggest tank battle in history
L - French 'Father of modern chemistry'
M - Painted the roof of the Sistine Chapel
N - French dictator who conquered lots of Europe
O - This Turkish empire ruled Greece and much of the Balkans for about 5 centuries
P - This saint was the first bishop of Rome and thus founder of the papacy
Q - Norwegian politician in WW2 whose name became synonym for traitor
R - Religious movement started by Luther and Calvin
S - Abbrevation found on many Roman public works
T - Place of a battle between Spartans and Persians
U - Common abbrevation for the European football confederation
V - Last name of the leader of the European Council
W - First name of two men who conquered England
X - Wife of Socrates
Y - Former state in the Balkans, litt. 'South-Slavs'
Z - Mathematical concept popularized in Europe by Fibonacci

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