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Can you name the first/last names of these famous actresses A-Z?

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ClueActress First/Last NameExtra Information
A. Female Indiana Jones, refused Bond role
B. Won Oscar for role in American football film
C. A witch, a royal wife and in just about anything by her husband
D. M, Queen Victoria, Lady Catherine de Bourg
E. Talk show host and forgetful fish
F. Comedian, dog collar wearer
G. Pepper and Shakespeare
H.Spy and the queen
I. Italian actress, David Lynch and Robert Zemeckis
J. Wild girl, Anna and FBI agent
K. Australian opposite Hugh Jackman, Ewen McGregor, Daniel Craig
L. Two movies with Johnny Depp, one sweet one devilish, and mother in a spy series
M. Dowager Countess with fantastic one-liners
ClueActress First/Last NameExtra Information
N. A ballerina and star mother of force-full twins
O. 'You're the one that I want!'
P. X marks the piano
Q. Pocahontas
R. Prostitute with an arty smile
S. Red actress, Black character
T. Starred twice with Alan Rickman, his ill-used wife and his 'clairvoyant' colleague
U. Tarantino Star
V. 'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.'
W. Mummies and bones
X. The Little Chinese Seamstress
Y. Spy defending nerd in TV series
Z. Irene, Bridget, Betty

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