English Consonants

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Can you name the English consonants from their phonological name?

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Bilabial Nasal
Alveolar Nasal
Velar Nasal
Fortis Bilabial Plosive
Lenis Bilabial Plosive
Fortis Alveolar Plosive
Lenis Alveolar Plosive
Fortis Velar Plosive
Lenis Velar Plosive
Fortis Post-alveolar Affricate
Lenis Post-alveolar Affricate
Fortis Labio-dental Fricative
Lenis Labio-dental Fricative
Fortis Dental Fricative
Lenis Dental Fricative
Fortis Alveolar Fricative
Lenis Alveolar Fricative
Fortis Post-alveolar Fricative
Lenis Post-alveolar Fricative
Velar Fricative
Glottal Fricative
Alveolar Approximant
Palatal Approximant
Velar Approximant
Alveolar Lateral

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