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Can you name the American TV shows from these brutally basic premises?

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The lives of people who hang out in the same place with the same people everyday.
High School Musical meets Political Correctness.
Guy doesn't understand anything and then understands everything.
This is how women talk to each other.
People all over the world start getting superpowers but the only ones of any consequence are American.
Girl with braces and bad dress sense does better in love than one would expect.
Man puts himself in obscenely difficult situation in order to get out of it.
We're only Forensic scientists but let's do the detective's job too
No matter how many times it happens, everyone is still surprised when it turns out their new neighbour has a dark secret.
How many 'longest days of your life' can one man have?
Sixth sense
The more you watch, the less we're going to explain.
Apparently there's not enough to do in a hospital.
Internet bullying on an epic scale.
I don't care how funny or intelligent they are, there's no way the girl from 8 simple rules would hang out with them.
More Vampires? Really?
Everyone's a lesbian.
Look how quirky we all are!
A man who is totally unsuitable for his job doing his job
Sometimes serial killing can be a good thing.

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