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Letter (Year of Release)MovieClue
A (2004)He's Ron Burgundy?
B (1998)The Dude abides.
C (1994)First of the View Askewniverse films.
D (1994)Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels
E (2001)David Duchovny and Aliens? Again?
F (1986)Matthew Broderick borrows a Ferrari
G (1993)Bill Murray, but not Ghostbusters.
H (2007)Simon Pegg and Nick Frost cop film.
I (2009)The Thick of It spinoff.
J (1979)Steve Martin's first starring role in a feature film.
K (2004)Stephen Chow's action comedy.
L (1979)He's not the Messiah.
M (1995)Brodie Bruce loves that shopping complex
N (1988)Lt Frank Drebin's first theatrical outing
Letter (Year of Release)MovieClue
O (1999)Cult classic from Mike Judge
P (1987)Steve Martin and John Candy
Q (1990)Bill Murray's first and only directorial credit.
R (2008)Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott
S (1959)Cross-dressing and Marilyn Monroe.
T (1984)A look into the topsy-turvy world of heavy rock.
U (1989)Possibly John Candy's best loved film.
V (2002)Ryan Reynolds really doesn't want to leave college.
W (1992)Mike Myers and Dana Carvey. Schwing!
X (2006)Not a comedy. But hilariously bad. Starring Hugh Jackman.
Y (1974)Mel Brooks directed horror film parody.
Z (2009)The American Shaun of the Dead?
# (2005)Number Bonus: Apatow movie starring Steve Carell .

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