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Can you name the classes of Sacred Seasons Liberty?

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SpringWhen in doubt, through rocks at it.
SummerYou think you're lucky, punk?
FallGators never tasted so good...
WinterAh. It does not bode well for you...
SpringSpecialized in healing and powerful magic attacks.
SummerTick tock. Tick tock.
FallFor the last time, I'm NOT Harry Potter!
WinterGot a sage for whatever ails you!
SpringBeautiful but deadly.
SummerRely on speed and healing.
FallWhy so serious?
WinterSpecialize in skills that use cold damage.
SpringRoaming around at the speed of sound...
SummerMust be my sunny disposition =D
FallDefenseive positions!
WinterWhat is this 'healing' of which you speak?

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