Medieval Works and Their Authors

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Can you name the Medieval Works and Their Authors?

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The Relic
Passionate Shepherd to His Love
My Galley
Paradise Lost
Nymphs Reply to the Shepherd
To Ben Jonson
Upon Julia's Clothes
His Prayer to Ben Jonson
Inviting a Friend to Supper
Corinna's Going A-Maying
The Author, Mr. William Shakespeare
Astrophil and Stella
Jordan I
The Altar
Whoso List to Hunt
The Long Love that in my Heart Doth Harbor
Batter My Heart (Holy Sonnet 14)
Delight in Disorder
Wyatt Resteth Here, That Quick Could Never Rest
Holy Sonnet 18
The Ecstasy
The Soote Season
Hero and Leander
The Holdfast
They Flee From Me

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