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Which Goddess did Caesar descend from?
Which crown did Caesar first receive?He received it for saving many soldiers
Which Gaulish leader did he defeat?
Who was his famous uncle?
What was his mother's name?
Which month was named after him?
His full name?
Was he in the 1st or 2nd triumvirate?With Crassus and Pompey
Why was Crassus useful to him?
In what year did he die?
In which year did he cross the Rubicon?
Who was he consul with in 59bc?
Name one of his wives...
Who was married to his daughter?
How much did he insist pirates ransomed him for?They originally wanted 20, however he said he was worth more.
What sort of death did he say he would prefer?
Where was he killed?
Who did he see an inspiring statue of in Spain?

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