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Duration of ShowShowCharacter (Actor)
2009-Kalinda Sharma
(Archie Panjabi)
2000-2005Brian Kinney
(Gale Harold)
1992-1999Matt Fielding
(Doug Savant)
2008-Teddy Montgomery
(Trevor Donovan)
2003-2009Liz Cruz
(Roma Maffia)
1998-2006Jack McFarland
(Sean Hayes)
2005-Callie Torres
(Sara Ramírez)
2006-Jack Harkness
(John Barrowman)
1986-1994C.J. Lamb
(Amanda Donohoe)
2006-2011Kevin Walker
(Matthew Rhys)
2011-Max Blum
(Adam Pally)
1998-2003Jack McPhee
(Kerr Smith)
2007-Salvatore Romano
(Bryan Batt)
2001-George Huang
(B.D. Wong)
1993-2005John Irvin
(Bill Brochtrup)
2004-2012Andrew Van de Kamp
(Shawn Pyfrom)
1997-2003Willow Rosenberg
(Alyson Hannigan)
2009-Mitchell Pritchett
(Jesse Tyler Ferguson)
1994-2009Kerry Weaver
(Laura Innes)
Duration of ShowShowCharacter (Actor)
1994-1995Rickie Vasquez
(Wilson Cruz)
2001-Adam Torres
(Jordan Todosey)
2006-2010Alexis Meade
(Rebecca Romijn)
1996-2002Carter Heywood
(Michael Boatman)
2001-2005David Fisher
(Michael C. Hall)
2005-2008Ashley Davies
(Mandy Musgrave)
2009-2011Marshall Gregson
(Keir Gilchrist)
2009-Kurt Hummel
(Chris Colfer)
1977-1981Jodie Dallas
(Billy Crystal)
2007-Emily Fitch
(Kathryn Prescott)
2005-Oscar Martinez
(Oscar Núñez)
2008-Lafayette Reynolds
(Nelsan Ellis)
2011-Ian Gallagher
(Cameron Monaghan)
2004-2009Bette Porter
(Jennifer Beals)
2007-2010Brian Spukowski
(Brian Posehn)
1999-2007Vito Spatafore
(Joseph R. Gannascoli)
1981-1989Steven Carrington
(Al Corley)
2002-2008Omar Little
(Michael K. Williams)
2010-Emily Fields
(Shay Mitchell)

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