Cast of Grey's Anatomy

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Can you name the actors in the starring cast of Grey's Anatomy?

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1-Dr. Meredith Grey
1-Dr. Derek Shepherd
1-Dr. Cristina Yang
1-Dr. Miranda Bailey
1-Dr. Alex Karev
1-Dr. Richard Webber
3-Dr. Callie Torres
5-Dr. Owen Hunt
6-Dr. Arizona Robbins
7-Dr. April Kepner
7-Dr. Jackson Avery
10-Dr. Leah Murphy
10-Dr. Stephanie Edwards
10-Dr. Shane Ross
10-Dr. Jo Wilson
3-9Dr. Mark Sloan
4-8Dr. Lexie Grey
7-8Dr. Teddy Altman
1-6Dr. Izzie Stevens
1-5Dr. George O'Malley
4-5Dr. Erica Hahn
1-3Dr. Preston Burke
2-3Dr. Addison Montgomery

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