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Past tense of bleed
Did to bubbles
To produce beer
🏃Columbus (MLS)🏃
Jazzist Baker or country singer Atkins
Talking over IM
Opposite of 'this'
Cow's udders
🏃Miami (NBA)🏃
Bad dancers have two left ones
Repels bugs
Food intake
Dehydrated mud
Knopfler's band ___ Straits
🏃Chicago (MLS)🏃
HBO series set in Baltimore
Lure; entice
🏃Minnesota (NHL)🏃
NBA great ___ Chamberlain or a limpid leaf
Handle of a sword
2001 computer, actor Holbrook, and comedian Sparks
🏃Shorthand: Montréal (NHL)🏃
🏃Shorthand: Washington (NHL)🏃
NHL champion trophies, for short
🏃Chicago (MLB)🏃
6th-8th men on the bench
🏃Phoenix (NBA)🏃
Catholic sisters
What Payday is totally
🏃Brooklyn (NBA)🏃
🏃New York (NFL)🏃
🏃New York (MLB)🏃
Prescription drugs
🏃Cincinatti (MLB)🏃
Multiple levels of radiation
🏃St. Louis (NFL)🏃
Drat, phooey, darn
To evaluate, esp. on the internet
To level to the ground
Tease, make fun of
🏃Utah (NBA)🏃
Twista/Kanye West/Jamie Foxx song 'Slow ____'
R&B songs are slow ____
🏃Shorthand: Toronto (MLB)🏃
🏃Tampa Bay (MLB)🏃
Sandy islands on coral reefs
🏃Shorthand: Cleveland (NBA)🏃
🏃Shorthand: Dallas (NBA)🏃
Hockey player Sundin or tennis player Wilander
🏃Shorthand: New England (NFL)🏃
Neither birdies nor bogies
Central, Hyde, or Linkin
🏃Shorthand: Green Bay (NFL)🏃
Hockey prop
Member of Milwaukee's NBA team
🏃Shorthand: Pittsburgh (MLB) or Tampa Bay (NFL)🏃
Burgers and dogs go on these
Plays on words
🏃Shorthand: Pittsburgh (NHL)🏃
🏃Shorthand: Ottawa (NHL)🏃
Envy, lust, gluttony, etc.
Math function; in latin, 'sinus cardinalis'
Harmonize, synchronize
Successor to Microsoft Messenger
🏃Minnesota (WNBA)🏃

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