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Can you name the first and last words of the Buffy characters?

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First|last wordsCharacter NameExtra info
Well maybe | Your shirt.
Bored now. | Oh f..
Buffy! Dont want to be late for your first day at school. | It's a daughter's duty, I suppose...
Is there a problem ma'am? | Buffy..Last words as of Becoming part 2
Where is she? | Watch your back.
I'm up mom! | Live, for me.last words before she died for 2nd time (the gift).
You.. | What does that do?
Home sweet home | I want to see how this ends!
Scan it, Rupert. Scan it. | Angel, wait! That's your-
Hi, I'm _______. | What?Last words before death in 'The Wish'
We've gotta go. She's gonna see me. | I know... you're in pain but-
Nice bag. Prada? | Bunnies. Floppy, hoppy, bunnies.

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