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Who is the first vampire we see ?Welcome To The Hellmouth
True or False: Jesse is alive ?The Harvest
What is Amy ?Witch
Who is the Giant Praying Mantis ?Teacher's Pet
What was the name of Buffy's date ?Never Kill A Boy On The First Date
What was Xander and others turned into ?The Pack
Who did Buffy accuse Angel of biting ?Angel
What was the name of Willow's boyfriend ?I Robot...You Jane
What was the name of the puppet ?The Puppet Show
Name one of Giles' nightmares ?Nightmares
What was the name of the invisible girl ?Out of Mind, Out of Sight
Who saved Buffy ? Angel or Xander ?Prophecy Girl
Who tried to bring back The Master ?When She Was Bad
Whose head did the 'bodysnatchers' want ?Some Assembly Reqired
Which recurring character appeared in this episode ?School Hard
What was the name of the foreign exchange student/mummy girl ?Inca Mummy Girl
Which type of party did Cordelia take Buffy too ?Reptile Boy
Who is the halloween costume shop owner ?Halloween
What was the name of Buffy's old friend ?Lie To Me
Who gets infected ?The Dark Age
Whats the name of the other slayer ?What's My Line Part 1
Why did Spike need Angel ?What's My Line Part 2
True or False: Ted was a robot ?Ted
What was the name of the vampire brothers ?Bad Eggs
Who was in the boxes ?Surprise
What did Angel lose ?Innocence
Which character turned out to be a werewolf ?Phases
Who did Amy turn into a rat ?Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Who does Angel kill ?Passion
What is the name of the demon killing children ?Killed By Death
Name one of the spirits which posses people ?I Only Have Eyes For You
Who did Cordelia think had turned into a reptile fish monster ?Go Fish
What the name of the demon who showed Angel, Buffy ?Becoming Part 1
True or False: Angel turns back good, and lives ?Becoming Part 2
Where did Buffy run away to ?Anne
Who puts on the enchanted mask ?Dead Man's Party
Which slayer first appears here ?Faith, Hope & Trick
Who is accused for the killings done by Angel ?Beauty and the Beasts
Who organised SlayerFest '98 ?Homecoming
What were adults acting like after they ate the band candy ?Band Candy
Name of Faith's evil watcher ?Revelations
Who does Spike want help from to get Dru back ?Lovers Walk
What demon made Cordelia wish ?The Wish
Who tries to convince Angel to kill Buffy ?Amends
What is the name of the group of Joyce and other mothers ?Gingerbread
How old does Buffy turn ?Helpless
What was the name of the bully who turns out to be dead ?The Zeppo
Who is Buffy and Faith 's new watchers name ?Bad Girls
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Who does Faith stab ?Consequences
Whose doppelgang crossed over to the real world ?Doppelgangland
Who wants the Books of ascension ?Enemies
What could Buffy hear ?Earshot
Who presents Buffy the golden umbrella ?The Prom
What can cure Angel ?Graduation Day Part 1
True or False: Angel leaves Sunndydale ?Graduation Day Part 2
What is the name of the vampire leader ?The Freshman
Who had been performing rituals on Buffy while she slept ?Living Conditions
Which 2 old friends return to sunnydale together ?The Harsh Light Of Day
What did the translation say under the picture of the fear demon ?Fear Itself
Who served everyone the beer that made them cavemen ?Beer Bad
What was the name of the other werewolf ?Wild At Heart
Who punches Parker ?The Initiative
Which old character appears to help Buffy and the gang ?Pangs
What spell did Willow cast on herself ?Something Blue
What happened to everyone in Sunnydale ?Hush
Who called Willow a Nerd ?Doomed
Who helped Giles ?A New Man
What kills Maggie Walsh ?The I in Team
What was the name of the doctor that worked in the initiative ?Goodbye Iowa
Who returned from being in a coma ?This Year's Girl
Who could tell that Buffy wasn't Buffy ?Who Are You?
Who casted a spell to become important ?Superstar
Whats the name of the girl who flirted with Xander at the party ?Where the Wild Things Are
Where did Oz find a cure for his Werewolf-ness ?New Moon Rising
Who decided to come from L.A to Sunnydale just to apologize to Buffy ?The Yoko Factor
True or False: Spike helps the Scoobies to escape ?Primeval
Who appeared in everyones nightmares/dreams that shouldn't have been ?Restless
True or False: Anya was under control of Dracula ?Buffy vs. Dracula
Whose writing in their diary at the beginning ?Real Me
Name of the demon who tries to split Buffy in two ?The Replacement
Who wants to save Riley ? Out Of My Mind
What does Buffy discover that Dawn is ?No Place Like Home
Whose family visits Sunnydale ?Family
How many slayers had Spike killed ?Fool For Love
What does Joyce go in to hospital for ?Shadow
What kind of demon followed patients home ?Listening To Fear
True or False: Riley leaves ?Into The Woods
Whats the name of the troll ?Triangle
Which villain was being discussed in Buffy's classroom ?Checkpoint
True or False: Buffy turns 20 ?Blood Ties
Who returned for Spike ?Crush
Who created robot girls ?I Was Made To Love You
How did Joyce die ?The Body
Who comes back for Joyce's funeralForever
What is Buffy's 'gift' ?Intervention
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Who did Glory suspect the Key was ?Tough Love
'Don't hit the _______' ' Aim for the _______!'Spiral
Who kidnaps Dawn ?The Weight Of The World
Who sacrafices themselves for the world ?The Gift
Where did Anya find the last urn of Osiris ?Bargaining Part 1
What was on Dawn's jumper when she found Buffy ?Bargaining Part 2
How many days did Spike say Buffy was dead for ?After Life
Name of the plumber ?Flooded
Who summoned the demons at Xander's construction site ?Life Serial
What time of year is it ?All The Way
What was the name of the dancing demon ?Once More With Feeling
What song played at the end of this episode ?Tabula Rasa
Who turned back into a human from a rat ?Smashed
What was the name of the demon who gaveout power ?Wrecked
Who made Buffy invisible ?Gone
_____ the manager ?Doublemeat Palace
What was the name of Warren's Ex who he kills ?Dead Things
Who locked everyone in the Summer's house ?Older and Far Away
Whats the name of Riley's wife ?As You Were
Who didnt want to go through with their wedding ?Hells Bells
Who was alive in Buffy's head ?Normal Again
What did Xander take to kill Spike with ?Entropy
Who does Warren kill ?Seeing Red
True or False: Osiris lets Willlow bring them (Q119) back ?Villains
Who returns to help save Willow ?Two to Go
Who stops Willow from ending the world ?Grave
Where did Giles take Willow ?Lessons
What did Buffy discover that Spike had got back ?Beneath You
What was the name of the flesh eating demon ?Same Time, Same Place
The girl who knew she was going to die, name ?Help
What did Anya send after a frat party ?Selfless
What made all the girls fall over the one guy ?Him
Who killed Jonathan ?Conversations With Dead People
Who was the vampire who accused Spike of sireing him ?Sleeper
Who finds Andrew in the butchers ?Never Leave Me
Name the first 3 potential slayers ? (alphabetical order)Bring On The Night
What did they call the strong vamp after Buffy and the potentials ?Showtime
Which one of Dawn's classmates turned out to be a potential ?Potential
What triggered Willow to turn into Warren ?The Killer In Me
What does Principal Wood discover about SpikeFirst Date
What were Chloe's last words (as the first) ?Get It Done
What was the title of Andrew's video story ?Storyteller
Who let Wood try kill Spike ?Lies My Parents Told Me
What is the name of the priest ?Dirty Girls
True or False: Empty Places
What was Buffy's reaction to Spike's speech to her ?Touched
Who did Buffy try to send far away from the battle ?End of Days
Who said ' I want to see how this ends' ?Chosen

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