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River of January (Americas)
Northern capital (Asia)
Wisdom (Europe)
The Peace (Americas)
Lion City (Asia)
Village of wild plums (Asia)
Muddy confluence (Asia)
Merchants' harbour (Europe)
Three cities (Africa)
House of peace (Africa)
Ants (Africa)
Low Land (Americas)
Brotherly Love (Americas)
Beach (Africa)
Black Pool (Europe)
The Meadows (Americas)
Lakes (Africa)
Log islet (Europe)
Where people get honor and respect (Africa)
Fragrant harbour (Asia)
Red hero (Asia)
I've just been cutting leaves (Africa)
Village in the marsh (Europe)
Fair winds (Americas)
The Angels (Americas)
In front of the wind (Oceania)
Bay of smokes (Europe)
Mount Royal (Americas)
The city of the thousand (Africa)
Anchor (Asia)
Wild Onion (Americas)

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