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Character DescriptionCharcterNet Worth
370 Year-Old Vampire, with Compound Interest/Long-Term Investments$34.5 Billion
81 Yearl-Old Bird, Invested in Mining and Treasure Hunting $33.5 Billion
10 Yearl-Old Boy with Inheritance and Conglomerates$11.5 Billion
35 Year-Old Genius/Crime Fighter Who Owns a Large Defense Supplier$8.8 Billion
51 Year-Old Former Poor Mountaineer, Invested in Oil, Gas, and Banking$7.2 Billion
47 Year-Old Genius, Invested in Marketing, Formerly a Member of The Crimebusters$7.0 Billion
32 Year-Old Crime Fighter, Head of a Major Corporation$6.5 Billion
Ageless Collector $3.9 Billion
Character DescriptionCharcterNet Worth
60 Year-Old Industry Owner, Currently Trapped on an Island in the Pacific$2.1 Billion
55 Year-Old Railroad Tycoon$2.0 Billion
15 Yearl Old Child Prodigy, with Income from Inheritance, Technology, and Theft$1.9 Billion
104 Year-Old Owner of a Nuclear Power Plant$1.3 Billion
18 Year-Old Heir to a Real Estate Legend$1.1 Billion
30 Year-Old War Hero, with Income from Racketeering and Investmens$1.0 Billion
68 Year-Old Wife of Former Real Estate Company CEO$950 Million

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