The Dirty Dozen

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Can you name the actors who played the prisoners in the movie The Dirty Dozen?

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Robert JeffersonDeath by Hanging for Killing a White Officer in Self-Defense
Roscoe Lever20 Years Imprisonment
Samson PoseyDeath by Hanging for the Accidental Killing of a G.I. in a Bar Room Brawl
Joseph WladislawDeath by Hanging for Shooting a Deserting Officer
Glenn Gilpin30 Years Hard Labor
Archer MaggotDeath by Hanging for the Rape and Murder of an English Woman
Milo Vladek30 Years Hard Labor
Tassos Bravos20 Years Hard Labor
Pedro Jiminez20 Years Hard Labor
Vernon Pinkley30 Years Imprisonment
Victor FrankoDeath By Hanging for Killing a Civilian in an Armed Robbery
Seth Sawyer20 Years Hard Labor

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