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Can you name the teams that have won the Champions League?

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1992/93 (France)1-0 vs AC Milan
1993/94 (Italy)4-0 vs Barcelona
1994/95 (Holland)1-0 vs AC Milan
1995/96 (Italy)1-1 vs Ajax (4-2) pens
1996/97 (Germany)3-1 vs Juventus
1997/98 (Spain)1-0 vs Juventus
1998/99 (England)2-1 vs Bayern Munich
1999/00 (Spain)3-0 vs Valencia
2000/01 (Germany)1-1 vs Valencia (5-4) pens
2001/02 (Spain)2-1 vs Bayer Leverkusen
2002/03 (Italy)0-0 vs Juventus (3-2) pens
2003/04 (Portugal)3-0 vs Monaco
2004/05 (England)3-3 vs AC Milan (3-2) pens
2005/06 (Spain)2-1 vs Arsenal
2006/07 (Italy)2-1 vs Liverpool
2007/08 (England)1-1 vs Chelsea (6-5) pens
2008/09 (Spain)2-0 vs Manchester United
2009/10 (Italy)2-0 vs Bayern Munich
2010/11 (Spain)3-1 vs Manchester United
2011/12 (England)1-1 vs Bayern Munich (4-3) pens
2012/13 (Germany)2-1 vs Borussia Dortmund

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