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EntriesWord# Letters
blush, brogue, grave(6)
didgeridoo, kendo, panda(6)
fiver, platypus, veto(4)
disciple, latitude, stick figure(6)
jai alai, plead, woo(5)
buttermilk, eye shadow, grasshopper(5)
eternity, gladiator, testament(5)
junior, rosary, stepmother(6)
civil liberty, flapper, laissez faire(7)
absolute value, air guitar, hypochondria(9)
EntriesWord# Letters
checkmate, face card, sultan(4)
acronym, hologram, microsurgery(5)
coaster, license, strike zone(5)
quiz, second-guess, whether(8)
domino, Groundhog Day, touchdown(3)
clothespin, geyser, violet(6)
brigadier general, Chinese checkers, headliner(4)
continuity, global village, reception(10)
castanet, mitten, tweezers(5)
excrete, incinerator, mess around(5)

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