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Can you name the word that is replaced by sporcle?

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I heard the jury is still out on sporcle.Gob
Right, I forgot, here in the States, you call it a *sporcle* in the mouth.Tobias
Hey SporcleBuster
Make love in your own sporcle MOTHER!Buster
Jessie had gone too far, and she had best watch her sporcle.Narrator
I thought he just liked sporcle.Michael
I don't know what's more offensive - the fact that you didn't tell us about our grandmother's sporcle or the fact that you sunk a $700,000 yacht!Michael
There's always sporcle in the banana stand.George Sr.
You're a good guy Mon Frere. That means brother in sporcle.Gob
My gut is telling me no... but my gut is also sporcle.Gob
QuoteWordWho Said it
Chickens don't sporcle!Buster
Never promise crazy a sporcle.George Sr.
And thats why you don't teach sporcle to your sonJ. Walter Weatherman
Gilligan killed the Skipper - I mean, the sporcle!Gob
I wonder how i can talk you out of ever making that sporcle againMichael
Alias is a sporcle about a spy Buster
But we do NOT wag our sporcle at one another to make a point!George Sr.
They make me feel sporcle.Gob
What is she doing in the beauty pageant? Is she running the sporcle or something?Michael
I have a really good sporcle so... no.George Michael

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