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Part of LyricsSong NameAlbum
'Cross my heart'Stand Up And Scream
'Oh my god...'Stand Up And Scream
'With eyes closed, Her heart breaks'Stand Up And Scream
'I can't believe what I've become'Stand Up And Scream
'One scream It's over'Stand Up And Scream
InstrumentalStand Up And Scream
'Are you telling me you listened?'Stand Up And Scream
Part of LyricsSong NameAlbum
'Get on your knees, OH.' Stand Up And Scream
'With your face buried in the pillow'Stand Up And Scream
'This is where you die'Stand Up And Scream
'You never said goodbye'Stand Up And Scream
'Cut me from ear to ear'Stand Up And Scream
'I like too party'Stand Up And Scream
'Get the **** away from me'Reckless And Relentless

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