Spanish: Por vs. Para - Movement through vs. Movement toward

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Can you name the correct use of 'por' and 'para' in movement sentences?

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"Por" takes on a different meaning, of duration or movement through space or time with no destination specified (|→).
Sentence'Por' or 'Para'English Translation
Estaremos en clase ___ la mañana.We will be in class during (in) the morning.
Pablo va ___ el pueblo.Pablo goes through the town.
Ana estará en México ___ el tres de junio.Ana will be in Mexico by the third of June.
Ana estará en México __ tres días.Ana will be in Mexico for (a period of) three days.
Pablo va ___ la ciudad.Pablo heads toward the city.
Termínenlo ___ mañana.Finish it by (for) tomorrow.

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