Spanish: Por vs. Para

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Can you name the correct use of the Spanish words 'por' and 'para' in cause/effect sentences?

Updated Nov 23, 2015

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SentencePor or Para?English Translation
Lo mataron ___ odio.They killed him out of (motivated by) hate.
Mandaron ___ el médico.They sent for the doctor (motive of the call).
Estudia ___ ingeniera.She is studying (in order) to become an engineer.
Es una taza ___ café.It's a coffee cup (a cup intended to be used for coffee).
El libro fue escrito ___ Jaime.The book was written by Jaime.
Lo hizo ___ sobrevivir.He did it (in order) to survive.
Lo hago ___ mi hermano.I'm doing it for (on behalf of, on account of) my brother.
Son juegos ___ niños.They are games for (to be used by) children.
Fue a la tienda ___ café.He went to the store for coffee (motive of the errand).
El libro es ___ usted.The book is for you.

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