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Can you name the women who have wrestled on all of the SHIMMER volumes to date?

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Volume debuted onNameBilled from...
1Belmont Hills, PA
1Malibu, CA
1New Bedford, MA
1Buffalo, NY
1San Francisco, CA
1Jackson, MS
1Hartford, CT
1Forest Park, IL
1Malibu, CA
1Minneapolis, MN
1Tampa, FL
1Waterbury, CT
1The Inferno
1Boston, MA
1St. Paul, MN
1Martinez, CA
1Toronto, Canada
1South Palm Beach, FL
3Knoxville, TN
3Honolulu, Hawaii
3Dublin, Ireland
4Green Bay, WI
5Tokyo, Japan
Volume debuted onNameBilled from...
5Chicago, IL
5London, England
5Fairfax, VA
7*Montreal, Japan
7*Calgary, Alberta, Canada
7**Ottawa, Canada
9Fords, NJ
9***Badstreet, Atlanta, GA
9Romford/London, England
11Hackensack, NJ
11Winnepeg, Canada by way of Monterrey, Mexico
15Dayton, OH
15Coventry, England
15Vancouver, Canada
17Toronto, Canada
17Niagara Falls, Canada
17Dayton, OH
1720,000 leagues under the sea
17Zagreb, Croatia
18Windsor, Canada
19Vancouver, Canada
21Sydney, Australia
21Sydney, Australia
Volume debuted onNameBilled from...
21Golden Valley, MN
22Austin, TX
23***North Killadelphia
23Bacchus Marsh, Australia
23Chicago, IL
23Melbourne, Australia
24New York, NY
27Tokyo, Japan
28Hollywood, PQ
28New York, NY
28Akron, OH
29Mitaka-shi, Tokyo, Japan
29Philadelphia, PA
29Sendai City, Japan
29Asahikawa, Japan
30Hiratsuka City, Japan
30Houston, TX
30Gotham City, FL
33Shimmer School
33Shimmer School
33Shimmer School
36Shimmer School

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