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Missions and AssignmentsClustersLocations
Irune: Book of PlenixIrune
Priority: PalavanPalaven, Menae
Priority: Sur'keshSur'kesh
N7: Cerberus AbductionsArcturus Station, Benning
UNC: Depot Sigma-23, Wrex: Family ArmorPinnacle Station, Metgos
UNC: Geth UncursionsCasbin, Solcrum
Find Liara T'soni, UNC: Missing MarinesTherum
Priority: ThessiaThessia
Feros: Geth Attack, UNC: Lost ModuleFeros
N7: Mining the Canyon, Mahavid: LeviathanCaleston, Mahavid
Dossier: The Assassin, Dossier: The JusticarIllium
Dossier: The Warlord, N7: Abandoned Research StationKorlus
Prologue: Find the Beacon, Priority: Eden PrimeEden Prime
Dossier: Tali, Priority: Perseus VeilHeastrom
UNC: Hostile Takeover, UNC: Lost FreighterMSV: Worthington, Mavigon
UNC: Missing Survey Team, UNC: The NegotiationMSV: Ontario, Trebin
Missions and AssignmentsClustersLocations
Obelisk of Karza, N7: Quarian Crash SiteKopis, Gel Hinnom
Reaper IFF, UNC: Major KyleDerelict Reaper
Noveria: Geth Interest, Priority: Cerberus HQNoveria, Cronos Station
Dossier: The Convict, Liar of the Shadow BrokerPurgatory, Hagalaz
Zaeed: The Price of RevengeZorya
Garrus: Find Dr. Saleon, N7: Communication HubOntarom, MSV Fedele
Pillars of StrengthKhar'shan
Grunt: Rite of Passage, Mordin: Old BloodTuchanka
UNC: Rogue VI, Priority: MarsEarth, Mars and Luna
UNC: Colony of the Dead, UNC: Exgeni FacilityMSV Cornucopia, Nodacrux
Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists, N7: Abandoned MineGellix, Aequitas
Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi MonasteryLesuss
Attican Traverse: Krogan TeamUtukku
Jack: Subject ZeroPragia
Dossier: Archangel, Dossier: The ProfessorOmega
Ilos: Find the ConduitIlos
Missions and AssignmentsClustersLocations
Priority: Geth DreadnoughtGeth Dreadnought, Rannoch
Grissom Academy: Emergency EvacuationGrissom Academy
N7: Anomalous Weather DetectedMSV: Broken Arrow
Jacob: The Gift of Greatness2175 Aeia, Joab
Virmire: Saren's PlanVirmire
Garrus: An Eye for an Eye, Thane: Sins of the FatherCitadel, Bekenstein
Horizon (mission), Priority: HorizonHorizon
N7: Blue Suns Base, Despoina: LeviathanSanctum, 2181 Despoina
N7: Fuel ReactorsDekunna
UNC: Listening Post Alpha, UNC: Listening Post ThetaNepmos, Altahe
Legion: A House Divided, OverlordHeretic Station, Aite
Prothean Obelisk, N7: Blood Back BaseZada Ban, Talis Fia
N7: Hahne-Kedar FacilityCapek
Tali: Treason, Prothean Data DrivesMigrant Fleet
UNC: Cerberus, UNC: Espionage ProbeBinthu, Nepheron

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