Elementary Chinese Lesson 8 Vocab

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Chinese CharacterEnglish TranslationPin Yin and tones
bai, 3rd tone on a
wei, 4th tone on e
shi, 4th tone
he, 2nd tone
qian, 4th tone on a
xi, 1st tone
bu, 3rd tone
jia, 1st tone on a
ji, 3rd tone
kou, 3rd tone on o
照片zhao pian, 4th tone on a's
he, 2nd tone
ge, 4th tone
姐姐jie jie, 3rd tone on 1st e
liang, 3rd tone on a
弟弟di di, 4th tone on 1st di
一共yi gong, 2nd tone then 4th tone
hai, 2nd tone on a
Chinese CharacterEnglish TranslationPin Yin and tones
妹妹mei mei, 4th tone on 1st e
xiao, 3rd tone on a
gou, 3rd tone on o
当然dang ran, 1st tone on 1st a, 2nd on 2nd a
zhang, 1st tone
zhen, 1st tone
可爱ke' ai, 3rd tone e, 4th tone a
mei, 2nd tone e
nan, 2nd tone
zuo, 4th tone o
工作gong zuo, 1st tone gong, 4th tone 2nd o
王小云Wang Xiaoyun, 2nd tone a, 3rd tone a, 2nd tone u
贝贝Bei bei, 4th tone on 1st e
da, 4th tone
多少1st tone on 1st o
喜欢xi huan, 3rd tone on i
外语wai yu, 4th tone a, 3rd tone u
外国wai guo, 4th tone a, 2nd tone o

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