Match The Quentin Tarantino Characters to the Actor/Actress

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Can you name the characters to the actors/actresses?

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How to Play
Mark Dargus/Buck
Mr. Pink/Buddy Holly
Nate/Pfc. Omar Ulmer
Sofie Fatale/Francesca Mondino
Betty/Hit-and-Run Witness
Elle Driver
Jules Winnfield/Ordell Robbie/Rufus/Narrator/Stephen
Mr. White/Winston 'The Wolf' Wolfe/OSS Commander (voice)(uncredited)
Mr. Blonde/Budd
Dov/Sgt. Donny Donowitz
Mr. Orange/Pumpkin 'Ringo'/Ted the Bellhop
Mia Wallace/The Bride
Butch Coolidge/Leo (uncredited)
Col. Hans Landa/Dr. King Schultz

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