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U.S. State to Abolish Slavery
Married Pope
Stake Burning
Signer of the Declaration of Independence
American State
Marylin Monroe Movie
U.S. National Park
Ruler of Hawaii
Death of Vietnam War
Emperor of China
King of Italy
Cigarette Ad on T.V.
Province to Join Canada
Ford Model T Manufactured (Date)
M*A*S*H Episode
Man on the Moon
Elizabeth Taylor Husband
Inmate at Alcatraz
Agatha Christie Novel
Battle of the U.S. Civil War
King of England
Beatles Album
Concorde Pilot
Queen of France
Pharaoh of Egypt
President Born in a Log Cabin
Song Sung by Elvis Presley
Verse in the Bible
Aztec Emperor
President of the Soviet Union
Death from Smallpox
Czar of Russia
Fear of Being Last
Veteran of the War of 1812
Country to Gain Independence
Death During WW1
Execution in Tower of London
Henry VIII Wife

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