Roman Enemies (509 B.C.-476 A.D.)

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YearsGroupFamous Battles
509-282 B.C.Siege of Veii
509-338 B.C.Battle of Lake Regillus, Battle of Mount Vesuvius
505-449 B.CUnrecorded
c. 500-436 B.CBattle of Corbione
c. 500-313 B.C.Battle of Aricia
c. 500-313 B.C.Battle of Mons Algidus
390-50 B.C.Battle of Allia, Battle of Alesia
343-88 B.C.Battle of the Caudine Forks, Battle of Aquilonia
280-275 B.C.Battle of Heraclea, Battle of Asculum, Battle of Beneventum
280-148 B.C.Battle of Lamia, Battle of Pydna
264-146 B.C.Battle of Agrigentum, Battle of Lake Trasimene, Battle of Zama
229 B.C.-9 A.D.Battle of Pylos
214-212 B.C.Siege of Syracuse
195-146 B.C.Siege of Sparta
194-139 B.C.Guerilla warfare of Viriathus
192-63 B.C.Battle of Thermopylae, Battle of Magnesia
191-189 B.C.Thessalian Campaign, Battle of Lamia
181-72 B.C.Battle of Manlian Pass, Siege of Numantia
146 B.C.Sack of Corinth
135-71 B.C.Battle of Mount Vesuvius, Battle of Mount Garganus, Battle of Picenum
113 B.C.-476 A.D.Battle of Arausio, Battle of Teutoburg Forest
112-105 B.C.Battle of Thala, Battle of Muthul
YearsGroupFamous Battles
91-88 B.C.Battle of Asculum, Battle of Fucine Lake
89-63 B.C.Battle of Chaeronea, Battle of Lycus
73-63 B.C.Battle of Tigranocerta, Battle of Artaxarta
66 B.C.-217 A.D.Battle of Carrhae, Battle of Nisibis
64 B.C.-106 A.D.Siege of Petra
55 B.C.-209 A.D. (intermittent fighting until 410 A.D.)Battle of the Medway, Battle of Watling Street, Battle of Mons Graupius
49-45 B.C.Battle of Dyrrhachium, Battle of Pharsalus
44-42 B.C.Battles of Philippi
40-30 B.C.Battle of Actium
40-30 B.C.Battle of Actium
66-135 A.D. (minor uprising in 351-352)Siege of Masada, Destruction of the Second Temple
87-106 A.D. (intermittent invasions until A.D. 476)Battle of Tapae, Battle of Sarmisegetusa
2nd-6th centuries A.D.Battle of Adamclisi
166 A.D. (or earlier)-476 A.D.Sack of Rome, Siege of Carthage
3rd Century A.D.-410 A.D.Invasion of Britain
c. 210 A.D.-476 A.D.Battle of Mainz
211 A.D. (or earlier)- 476 A.D.Battle of Mediolanum, Battle of Strasbourg
230-440 A.D.Battle of Amida, Battle of Ctesiphon
250 A.D. (or earlier)-476 A.D.Battle of Naissus, Battle of Adrianople, Sack of Rome
260-273 A.D.Battle of Immae, Battle of Emesa
260-274 A.D.Battle of Châlons (274)
370 A.D.-454 A.D.Sack of Aquilea, Battle of the Catalaunian Plains

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