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Forced Order
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Motto (Original Language)CityMotto (In English)
Philadelphia maneto (Latin)May brotherly love remain
Big Wild Life (English)N/A
Resurgens (Latin)Rising Again
Let Jersey ProsperN/A
Landmarks of Our Nation's Beginning (English)N/A
Sic Itur Ad Astra (Latin)Thus is the way to the stars (Lit.: Thus it is gone to the stars)
Aedes Mores Juraque Curat (Latin)She guards her buildings, customs, and laws
Justitia Omnibus (Latin)Justice for all
Semper Vigilans (Latin)Always vigilant
Juncta Juvant (Latin)United, they help each other
Motto (Original Language)CityMotto (In English)
Progress & Prosperity (English)N/A
Sicut patribus sit Deus nobis (Latin)As with our fathers, so may God be with us
Oro en Paz, Fierro en Guerra (Spanish)Gold in Peace, Iron in War
Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus (Latin)We hope for better (times); it shall rise again from the ashes
Urbs indomita (Latin)The Indomitable City
Ke Ki On Ga (Miami-Illinois)Name of original Miami Indian settlement near city
Benigno Numine (Latin)By the favorable will of God
Fortiter in Re (Latin)Bravely in Action
Urbs in Horto (Latin); Make Big Plans, I Will (English)City in a Garden; N/A
En Avant (French)Forward

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