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Can you name the Schoolhouse rock song 'unpack your adjectives'?

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Got home from camping last spring, Saw people, places and ______
We barely had arrived, friends asked us to _________
The people, places and every last thing, so we unpacked our _______
I unpacked 'frustrating' first, reached in and found the word _____
Then I picked 'soggy' and Next I picked _______
and Then I was ready to tell them my tale. 'cause I'd ______
my adjectives. Adjectives are words you use to really describe things, handy words to carry _______
Days are sunny or they're rainy Boys are dumb or else they're _______
Adjectives can show you which ______
Adjectives are often used to help us compare things, to say how thin, how fat, how short, _______
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Girls who are tall can get taller, Boys who are small can get _______
Till one is the tallest and the other's are the smallest of______
We hikes along with out care, then we ran into a______
He was a hairy bear, he was a ______ bear
We beat a hasty retreat from his lair. And described him with _______
Next time you go on a trip, remeber this little ____
The minute you get back, they'll ask you this and _____
you can describe people, places and things... _____ unpack your adjectives
You can do it with adjectives. ____ them 'bout it with adjectives
You can ________ it with adjectives

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