Ten Largest Auto Recalls

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Can you name the Ten Largest Automobile Recalls of All Tme?

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ProblemAuto MakerYear/Number of Cars Recalled
Short-circuit in the ignition switch that could lead to a fire in the steering column.2006 / 7.9 Million
Broken motor mount that could allow the engine to lift up and affect the throttle linkage, causing sudden acceleration and a possible loss of control of the vehicle.1971 / 6.7 Million
Bolts that attached the control arm, which supports the rear axle, could break, causing a loss of control.1981 / 5.8 Million
Overheating cruise control deactivation switches.2005 / 4.5 Million
Potential for spontaneous fires caused by the cruise control switch, even when the vehicles were parked.2009 / 4.5 Million
Unsecured floor mat could trap the gas pedal.2009 / 4.3 Million
Faulty seat belt buckles.1972 / 4.0 Million
Installation underbody shields after it discovered that on a bumpy road gravel could lodge in the engine compartment, causing a loss of steering control.1973 / 3.7 Million
To repair a loose screw on the windshield wiper arm.1972 / 3.7 Million
Faulty seat belt buckles.1995 / 3.7 Million

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