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HintAdventure Time CharacterExtra Hint
Only Human.
Only Human's Dog.
Kidnaps princesses.
Purple Cloud-shaped princess.
Princess made of Gum.
Has a pudding problem.
Talks to Finn in FIRST pilot.President
Believed to also be a human in an episode.'Turns Finn's heart on'
Kisses taste like hotdog water.
Eats Crystal Apple.
HintAdventure Time CharacterExtra Hint
Finn and Jake's computer.
Posseses Princess Bubblegum in an episode.
Jake's girlfriend.
He fought an evil ocean.
Ice King's Penguin.
Candy Kingdom butler.
Used to deliver royal tarts before he went mad.
Vampire Queen.
Turns Finn into a giant foot.
Final Boss in the video game Protectors of Sunshine.The video game in the show.

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