Fictional Indian Characters

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Can you name the shows, movies, literary works, and other places where one could find the following Indian characters?

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A slash (/) in the name of the fictional Indian character does not represent a different character, but another name by which the character may be identified.
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Fictional IndianLocationCategory
Mohinder SureshTelevision
Indra/Paras GavaskarComics
Khan Noonien SinghTelevision
Senior Inspector AbhijeetTelevision
Apu NahasapeemapetilonTelevision
Ranjit the Taxi DriverTelevision
Rajesh KoothrappaliTelevision
Fictional IndianLocationCategory
Saleem SinaiLiterature
Dr. AzizLiterature
Principal FigginsTelevision
DhalsimVideo Games
Satnam TsurutaniMovies
Jamal MalikMovies
Tom HaverfordTelevision
Captain Nemo/Prince DakkarLiterature

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