2012 Celebrity Presidential Endorsements

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Can you name the candiadate - (O)bama or (R)omney - that each of these celebrities endorsed for president in 2012?

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Antonio Banderas
John Elway
Snoop Dogg (Lion)
Nicki Minaj
50 Cent
Will Ferrell
Lindsay Lohan
Gene Simmons
Robert De Niro
Gov. Chris Christie
Sarah Jessica Parker
Donald Trump
Adam Sandler
Ellen DeGeneres
Kelsey Grammer
Steven Spielberg
Stephen King
Will Smith
Michael Jordan
Robert Duvall
Alec Baldwin
Donnie Osmond
George Clooney
Kid Rock
Gary Sinise
Kristy Yamaguchi
Vince Vaughn
Tyler Perry
Clint Eastwood
Katy Perry
Jeff Foxworthy
Jon Voight
Warren Buffet
Sylvester Stallone
Morgan Freeman
Jerry Bruckheimer
Lady Gaga
Chuck Norris
Oprah Winfrey
Kelly Clarkson
Eva Longoria

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