Missing Word: Landmark Court Cases

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Can you name the missing words from these landmark cases brought before the US Supreme Court?

Updated Nov 21, 2014

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Court CaseMissing WordRuling
______ v. GeorgiaUnconstitutionalized the then-current method for execution
_____ v. Board of EducationRacial segregation violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Ammendment
Marbury v. ______Established the Supreme Court's power to strike down acts passed by Congress in conflict with the Constitution
_________ v. United StatesLegalized the internment of Japanese-American citizens during WWII
_______ v. ArizonaStatements made to police by defendents prior to being informed of their right to consult an attorney are inadmissable
Dred ____ v. SandfordAfrican-Americans and their descendents cannot become US citizens and are not protected under the Constitution
McCulloch v. ________The Constitution grants several implied powers to Congress which cannot be impeded upon by the states
___ v. WadeThe right to abortion is protected under the Due Process clause of the 14th Amendment
Gideon v. __________Defense lawyers are a necessity, not a privilege
Plessy v. ________Separate but equal is constitutional
____ v. GoreOfficially ended the ballot recount in Florida in the Election of 2000
____ v. OhioEvidence obtained in violation with the 4th Amendment is inadmissable in court
Griswold v. ___________The Right to Privacy grants citizens the right to purchase and use contraceptives
United States v. _____The President cannot invoke the Doctrine of Executive Privilege to withhold evidence in court

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