Missing Word: Begins with L, Ends with R

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Can you name the missing word from the following terms/phrases, all of which begin with 'L' and end with 'R'?

Updated Oct 20, 2013

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_____-Assisted in situ KeratomileusisLASIK
King _____Shakespeare tragedy
The Biggest _____Reality show
House of _____York's rival faction
_____ of the OppositionUK parliamentary position
Middle _____NFL Position
Foster's _____Australian beer
The Lincoln _____2011 film
_____, _____Jim Carrey film
Larry the _____SpongeBob character
_____ of SpartaPeloponnesian admiral
Antoine-Laurent de _____'Father of Modern Chemistry'
_____ EclipseWhen the moon is behind the Earth
Jacob's ______Biblical dream
6th _____ of HeraclesKilling the Stymphalian Birds
_____ CheeseOdorous cheese
Dragon's _____Video game
Los Angeles _____Kobe Bryant, e.g.
The Scarlet ______Hawthorne novel
Ring-tailed _____Diurnal primate

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