Missing Word: Greek Mythology

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Can you name the Greek Mythological name missing from the following phrases?

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PhraseMissing WordHint
_____ TendonTendon
_____ 13Tom Hanks film
Come Sail Away - The _____ AnthologyStudio Album
Conventry _____ FCEnglish soccer team
Resident Evil 3: _____Game
Peter _____Novel, Film, and Play character
Pallas _____David Bowie song
Short-beaked _____Monotreme
_____ ShruggedAyn Rand novel
Statue of _____ at OlympiaSeven Wonders
_____ Buffay-Hannigan'Friends' character
Frankenstein; or, the Modern _____Mary Shelley novel
Raft of the _____GĂ©ricault painting
King _____'s Carousel of the SeaDisneyland (CA) ride
The _____ StrainMichael Crichton novel

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