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Can you name the answers that fit the category that are two words in 4 minutes?

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Hyphenated words and letters separated by periods (ie B.C.) are considered one word. '&' considered 'and' and is counted as an entire word.
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Canadian Province
Word War II: The Battle of…
Pope (without number)
Charles Dickens Novel
Asian Country
Best Picture Winner
Olympic Host City
Michael Jackson Single
Summer Olympic Sport
Disney World Theme Park
European Country
Marine Mammal
Christian Holiday
World Capital
North American Country
Kellogg's Cereal
Oceanic Country
US Capital
Outstanding Comedy Emmy Winner
Dow Jones Industrial Average Company
Harry Potter and the…
Big 4 Nickname
Risk Region
Shakespeare Play
Human Body Organ
Disney Animated Movie
Wonka Brand Candy
Punctuation Mark
Tony Best Musical
Fast Food Restaurant (INTL)
US Department of the…
Family Member
Mario Character
US State
African Country

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