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What invertebrates comprise the subphylum Medusoza within the phylum Cnidaria?
At what locations do two bones come into contact with one another?
What is the surname of the Dutch inventor who created the first compound microscope?
What green ornamental stone is comprised mostly of nephrite?
During which period did Ichthyosaurs and Plesiosaurs live?
What middle part of the small intestine lies between the duodenum and the ileum?
What is the unit for work and energy?
By what process are computer programs left to be compiled until the last possible moment?
What vegetation (Yucca brevifolia), with a Biblical name, has a National Park devoted to it in California?
After whom (surname) is an olfactory sense organ, alternatively called the vomeronasal organ, named?
What refers to DNA sequence variations created by the improper joining of genes during V(D)J recombination?
What term refers to an organism that has not yet reached adult form, sexual maturity, or adult size?
What term refers to the DNA sequence of a chromosome for which no function has been discovered?
What are fast flowing, narrow air currents in a planet's atmosphere called?
What veins bring deoxygenated blood from the head to the heart via the superior vena cava?
What is the time derivative of acceleration?
Which planet, named after the Roman Gods' God, is fifth from the Sun?
By what process are a water plant's treatment chemicals tested on a pilot-scale?
What mythical animal is described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns and a pheasant's tail?
What disease is characterized by the yellowish pigmentation of the skin (among other things)?

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