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Can you name the questions to these actual Harry Potter answers from Jeopardy!?

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Harry Potter (2000)
$200: It's the 6-letter word for a nonmagical human 
$400: When Harry was a baby, this evil wizard killed his parents & left him with a lightning bolt-shaped scar 
$600: Harry's godfather Sirius Black was 'The Prisoner of' this title place 
$800: At age 11, Harry Potter began attending this boarding school of witchcraft & wizardry 
$1000: Harry Potter spends summers at 4 Privet Drive with this family 
The Harry Potter Books (2006)
$400: Ron & Harry use this unusual transport to get to Hogwarts for their second year 
$800: In this sport, Harry plays the position of seeker 
$1200: A half-giant, he's the gamekeeper at Hogwarts 
$1600: Harry's nemesis, this member of Slytherin has a dad named Lucius who is a supporter of Voldemort 
$2000: Any cat could tell you that she teaches Transfiguration magic at Hogwarts 
Words in Harry Potter Titles (2008)
$200: A non-reigning male member of a royal family who may prefer to drive a 'little red corvette' 
$400: A person deprived of liberty (you didn't think we'd actually go for Azkaban, did you?) 
$600: A southwest city founded in 1870, & remember: 'Harry Potter & the Wonders of Yuma' was never written 
$800: A private room in a house, or a John Grisham novel about a death row prisoner 
$1000: Last name of U.S. Chief Justice Harlan or biographer Irving 

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