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Advil and Motrin are brand names of what nonsteroidal anti-inflammatroy drug?
Sir Isaac Newton's first law of motion governs which inherent property of an object?
Diabetes is caused by low levels of what pancreas-produced hormone?
What term refers to the period of time between being exposed to infection and the showing first symptoms?
What are different forms of the same element (meaning different quantities of neutrons) called?
What is the global system of interconnected computer networks called?
What term is a measure of the energy flux averaged over the period of a wave?
What is the term for the resulting depression in the surface of a planet caused by a high-velocity object?
What form of electromagnetic radiation has wavelengths just longer than that of the visible spectrum?
Organisms lacking a spinal column are referred to as what?
The abbreviation 'IV' is short for what?
Gabbro, Basalt and Granite are examples of what classification of rocks?
What term refers to an organism's natural resistance to infection or disease?
What terms refers to an object that does not conduct electrical charge?
What terms refers to the production of a current across a conductor moving through a magnetic field?
What ornithopod dinosaurs were distinguished by large spikes on their thumbs?
Symbolized with a 'J', what measurement is equal to the change in an object's momentum?
An atom or molecule with an unequal quantity of protons and electrons is called a what?
The deficiency of what element (#53) is the leading preventable cause of intellectual disabilities?
What colored part of the eye controls the size of the pupil?

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