Same Birthdays...But Who's Older???

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Can you name the famous person who is older between the two famous people that share the same birthday?

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Person #1① Older ②Person #2
Ke$haJustin Bieber
Claude MonetAaron Copland
Don HoFidel Castro
Nicole RichieFaith Hill
Roger ClemensBarack Obama
Jude LawJon Voight
Jessica AlbaPenelope Cruz
Matthew McConaugheyWalter Cronkite
Bill ClintonTipper Gore
Russell CroweJackie Chan
PeléWeird Al Yankovic
50 CentGeorge W. Bush
Charlotte BrontëJohn Muir
Person #1① Older ②Person #2
Betsy RossPaul Revere
Spike LeeHolly Hunter
Billy Ray CyrusGene Simmons
Will FerrellBarry Sanders
Khloé KardashianTobey Maguire
Mel BrooksJohn Elway
Chevy ChaseSigourney Weaver
Janet JacksonPierce Brosnan
Dwyane WadeMichelle Obama
Frederic ChopinGeorge Washington
Dale Earnhardt, Sr.Andre Agassi
John D. RockefellerKevin Bacon
Alexis BledelAmy Poehler

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