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What term refers to the property of a system that regulates its internal environment, remaining stable?
The Mohs Scale, ranging from Talc (1) to Diamond (10), measures what information about a mineral?
What astronomical entity is visible from Earth every 76 to 77 years?
What hypothetical elementary particle is used to explain spontaneous breaking of electroweak symmetry?
What term refers to the period over which a substance decays by 50%?
Andrew, Ike, and Katrina are names of what meteorological phenomena?
What element is first on the Periodic Table?
The first step in the scientific method is to form a what, which is often an educated guess?
What theory, pioneered by Nicolaus Copernicus, stated that the sun was the center of the solar system?
What is the generic name for the non-metallic elements in Group 17?
What portion of the brain is responsible for most activities of the automatic nervous system?
What process comes from the Greek for, literally 'separation by water'?
In what unit is frequency measured?
Baryons and mesons are the two families of what quark-comprised composite particles?
What term signifies a substance that lacks uniformity in composition or character?
What term refers to the amount of water vapor present in the air?
What term refers to an organism that eats only plants?
Whose uncertainty principle states that one can either know the location or velocity of an electron, but not both?
What psychological disease is characterized by excessive preoccupation or worry about being sick?
After which American astronomer is the telescope launched by Challenger in 1990 named?

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