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∆King of the Gods∆
Latin for 'God'
Fox houses
Surface depression
Easter's prior six weeks
Comedian Jay
∆Titan mother of Apollo and Artemis∆
∆With Phorcys, mother of Echidna, Scylla, and Medusa∆
Roman statesmen, both Younger and Older
28-member international alliance
Clements, McLouth, Saint, or The Great, e.g.
Programming Block: nick@____
∆Goddess of Victory∆
Take a long walk for pleasure
To give employment
Not there
∆Goddess of Youth∆
Portuguese footballer currently with Manchester United
George Ruth's nickname, or a Hollywood pig
Without clothes
In the Olympics, they can be parallel or uneven
Auditory organs
Makes a mistake
∆God of Sexual Desire∆
∆Goddess of Discord∆
∆Goddess of Rainbows∆
Openly displayed anger (but not just one)
∆God of War∆
In math, the amount of space enclosed by an object
Piece of music for a single voice, often in opera
Extremely dry
Criss-crossed parallel lines
Broad smile, often showing pleasure
Acquire, such as weight
∆Mother of Hermes with [Rung 1]∆
∆Goddess of the Earth∆
'Poker Face' Lady
The 'Twilight' one spans five films
'Sonic the Hedgehog' company
Spanish for 'It Will Be'
∆Queen of the Gods∆

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