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Can you name the subjects of the Geico 'Unsolved Mysteries' Parody Commericals (see game note for fictional example)?

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Do...chuck wood?
If a...falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?
Is the...mightier than the sword?
Is a...worth two in the bush?
Would...make a really bad book narrator?
Does..make an opera room less stuffy?
Does the...stop here?
Did the...cry 'wee wee wee' all the way home?
Do...make even less sense when you can't see them?
Is...getting way too out of hand? cats?
Does a former...make a terrible therapist?
Can fĂștbol announcer...make any sport exciting?
Is sneaking out of a boring meeting wearing...a bad idea?
Lead InSubjectThis
What? Do you live under a...(man: no way!)
Do...take way too long to say 'good night'?
Does it tango? a mean fiddle?
Is...too tall?
Do only...hear dog whistles?
Did...invent fire?
Does a ten pound...make a really big biscuit?
Can you find...on the Internet?
Does...have trouble with the letter 'R'?
Is having a snowball fight with pitching great...a bad idea?
Does a...catch no moss?
Do people use...for dumb things?
Do the final ten seconds of a...go on forever?

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